December 2016 by Donna Champagne

First post.

I was educated in the traditional forms of printmaking, but over the years I have become more interested in experimental art making, including image transfer and combinations of drawing techniques, printmaking and photography. My inspirations come from two main sources: the natural world and Eastern philosophy. My approach to these subjects ranges from deliberate to spontaneous. My goal is to make pieces that represent my emotional connection to the subject, but if I do not succeed at this, then to create something that I find interesting. Occasionally my art will surprise me by becoming something I would never have expected. Obviously this can be a disappointing or a thrilling experience! The important thing is to learn something from it, something I can use going forward.

My objective with this blog will be to discuss my work, the work of my friends (with their permission, of course), exhibitions, musings on the history or philosophy of art, books about art and other tangential subjects.